Be in a graphic

Hey! I'm looking for dolls to include in my graphics =)

If your doll gets included in a graphic you are only permitted to use the graphic in your portfolio - it is not permitted to be used as a blog header etc.

This is the short list of models who I am currently running through my mind to use:


Don't worry if you're not on that list and want to be included, just sign your Stardoll username below (You must be a follower!) and I'll consider everyone who applies - NOTE: As of 1st Feb 2014 I have renewed the comments, so starting again, this will help see those who are active around Stardoll, for it wouldn't be fair to pick someone from the old list and it turns out they haven't been around since last summer!

Any q's - ask below as well =)  


  1. Thank you for choose me as a model ! :* <3

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    1. Im Caroline, carolinepepper on stardoll