31 Jul 2017

Dollywood Hall Of Fame | C A R P E T

Wearing Naeem Khan Resort 2018 for July 2017's DHOF event

13 Jul 2017

Catwalk Couture | M M M E N T R Y

And this was the second part of Task 3 of MMM, my crazy couture styling^ Totally out of my comfort zone and different for me with a lot of different colours and textures and a completely different style than I think is expected of me^ I simply adore the lip colour, I think it's a good match for me!

Underwater Couture | M M M E N T R Y

This task was a huge challenge for me - firstly in choosing the right clothing, I found it tricky to find what I wanted from the selection of recent Couture, this Celia Kritharioti is just perfect for me I think^ And it was also a challenge as this was the first time I was putting together a graphic from a lot of different images and I did a lot of freehand. A good challenge and a stepping stone for me =)

13 May 2017

'Up in the air' | M M M E N T R Y

*Click to view full size - my Task 2 entry for MMM , I found it tricky to really encapsulate 'action' as I was imagining it when I read the task briefing, but I think I worked it for my doll and I'm happy that I chose something that suits me. I love that I really tried with the makeup this time, it adds a dramatic touch! I'm particularly pleased with my skin shading work on the skin of the arms and hands, very pleased there^