25 Dec 2015

Coral | T H E S T A R D O L L L O O K B O O K

For the brand new header at The Stardoll Lookbook =) Not a perfect piece, but it brings a fresh vibe to the blog.

20 Dec 2015

15 Nov 2015

Cycle 2 Header | TGGD E N T R Y

Click to enlarge! Got to choose my own theme for this task, went with minimalism - check out task details *here*
This task was due almost a month ago now and I was the only one to submit something unfortunately, I've checked and it's ok to publish.

10 Oct 2015

Yiqing Yin Couture | P R A C T I C E

Very quick graphic, hair's a mess, but love the dress^ Model - sinneya.

26 Sep 2015


A few troubles graphic-wise and I was working on slightly limited time due to prior commitments - overall happy =) Won 'Best Photo' =)

20 Sep 2015

White | P R I Z E

Made as a prize for Seleniu, features on my rejuvenated project, TRENDMagazine

3 Sep 2015

Dark | TGGD E N T R Y

Not best pleased because I fulfilled the task to my understanding, and was told this was totally fine, guess it really wasn't!

30 Aug 2015

Haute Couture | W O R K

Haute Couture collection featuring mariposattt, mrstyra, janetteLow, isabella13000, GMonster and Dimitsuri

For full spread visit HERE

12 Aug 2015

Saint Laurent | TGGD E N T R Y

TGGD Task 1 Entry - Dimitsuri in Saint Laurent

21 Jun 2015

Angelina | R E Q U E S T

Request for JanetteLow

Hair | R E Q U E S T

Request - I didn't want to complete this one, nor did I enjoy it, enter some rubbish hair!

8 Jun 2015

Blues | P R A C T I C E

Graphic of Isabella8301

30 Mar 2015

JC De Castelbajac | U N F I N I S H E D

Graphic of JC De Castelbajac SS15 RTW - Unfinished