2 Jan 2013

Blue shift and platinum hair

Blog Header for EllieCase


  1. Thanks you so much! I love it! And it's already on the blog! The graphics is really goof, and the hair is platinium wich is my favourite!
    Thanks again.
    I'm already working on the next issue of that magazine, since that issue is not very good because when I made it I was not very good, but now I improved so I will make a better issue.

    XOXO, EllieCase

    1. Did you not want to use the full size version?


      Just click on it so it appears larger in a window as such, then right click and open in new tab =)

    2. I know, I used that one, but as the gradient of the gray in the image is different of the blog I added white stroke on Photoshop.
      But I added now the full size version on the blog, go check out out it fits :) And check out also the new post on there :)